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Nominations for 2024 are now CLOSED

SESCA Awards Criteria and Nomination Guidelines
Shoalhaven Emergency Services Community Awards (SESCA) have been established by the Rotary Clubs of Berry, Milton-Ulladulla and Nowra to recognise Emergency Services Personnel (and other first responders) and Police in the Shoalhaven who best exemplify Rotary’s motto of ‘Service Above Self’ (i.e. the community service the individual performs above and beyond their normal role within their respective Agency).
These awards are for the Shoalhaven local government area and support and contribute to the NSW Rotary Emergency Services Community Awards (RESCA).
Eligible Emergency Service Agencies
Members of the following NSW Emergency Service and first responder Agencies  in the Shoalhaven are eligible to be nominated for the SESC Awards:
  • Ambulance
  • Fire & Rescue
  • Marine Rescue
  • Police
  • Rural Fire Service
  • State Emergency Service
  • Surf Life Saving
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Australian Defence Force (note: a new category has been established - Shoalhaven Australian Defence Force Community Member of the Year

The following categories are covered in the SESCA program:
  • Emergency Service Agency – Volunteer
  • Emergency Service Agency – Salaried
  • ADF members – all service personnel and civilians
  • Police – Unsworn (the winner is submitted to the Rotary NSW Police Awards)
  • Police – Sworn (the winner is submitted to the Rotary NSW Police Awards)

The Awards
The following Awards are presented in the SESCA program:
  • Finalists (a maximum of four finalists per service in each category)
  • Agency winners  - Volunteer (one per service)
  • Agency winners  - Salaried (one per service)
  • Police – Sworn category
  • Police – Unsworn category
  • Shoalhaven Officer of the Year - Volunteer
  • Shoalhaven Officer of the Year - Salaried
  • Shoalhaven Officer of the Year - Police – Sworn category
  • Shoalhaven Officer of the Year - Police – Unsworn category
  • Shoalhaven Australian Defence Force Community Member of the Year

Nomination Criteria
The nominee must be member of one of the Emergency Service Agencies (and other first responders) in a salaried (employee) or unpaid (volunteer) capacity, or NSW Police in a ‘Sworn’ or ‘Unsworn’ capacity, or a member of the ADF – service or civilian and will be judged on:
  • Community service over and above the call of normal duties that best exemplifies Rotary’s motto of ‘Service Above Self’ (i.e. including community involvement when they are not working in their normal roles).
  • Personal attributes
  • Contribution to their organisation

Prior to submitting a nomination, please carefully consider the following characteristics/facts/guidelines prior to completing the online nomination:
  • Specify in what  Emergency Service Agency or ADF the nominee serves and whether he/she is : a volunteer , employee (paid member) either full-time or part-time, or for Police “Sworn” or “Unsworn” member
  • If the nominee serves in more than one Agency, provide details of all those Agencies. Actually nominate the person for the agency in which they stand out the most but include information about the other agencies in the nomination.
  • Explain how the nominee contributes to the community - for example, explain how the nominee has contact with the local community and how he/she has been directly involved in community affairs.
  • In addition, consider for example has the nominee improved the quality of life or quality of services in the community? If so how?. Has the nominee given extraordinary hours or excellent services above and beyond what would be the usual expected “call of duty”? A clear explanation will greatly assist the assessing Committee!
  • Does the nominee have evidence of personal and/or professional achievement (certificates, etc.)? If so please list them.
  • Has the nominee taken on any additional duties above and beyond their normal role within the Agency? Examples might include: mentoring, peer support, family support for colleagues, etc. Again a clear explanation will assist greatly.
  • Does the nominee display exemplary ethical behaviour and integrity? Please explain.
  • Does the nominee possess leadership qualities and team building skills? Please explain.
  • Are there any particular challenges that your nominee has had to overcome? If so, please explain clearly.
  • Is your nominee seen by the community as a valuable asset in the life of the local community – If so please explain in detail.
  • Please do not limit your information to the above. If there is more to your nominee’s story, please detail it!
  • Previous winners of the following Awards: Shoalhaven Officer of the Year in either of the Volunteer or Salaried Capacity, OR ‘Sworn’ or ‘Unsworn’ category for NSW Police, are ineligible to be nominated.
  • An Agency winner in these Awards is ineligible to be nominated again within 2 years.
  • A finalist in these Awards is ineligible to be nominated again in the subsequent year.
  • A nominee who is not selected as a finalist can be nominated again in the following year.
  • Awards Ceremony - each finalist should endeavour to attend the Awards Ceremony to accept the Award in person.
  • Apart from ADF personnel, all Agency winners will be automatically nominated into the State Awards.
  • For the Shoalhaven, any nominations submitted directly to State will be returned to the SESCA team for the local awards.
Nomination – details
The following is important information that must be considered when nominating someone for an Award.
The awards will be judged by a panel of Rotarians who will assess each nomination independently. Please note that their assessments will be based purely on the information that you provide. No further information or explanation will be sought.
Nominations must be submitted online; however, if you are prevented from using this mode, please contact the SESCA Chair - Phil Presgrave – email or phone 0407 625 855
Who can submit a Nomination?
  • Anyone can nominate a person for the awards (self-nominations excepted)
  • General Public
  • Emergency Services Colleagues
  • ADF colleagues
  • Local Community Groups, etc.
As long as you are able to put together a submission, you are welcome to submit a nomination.  It is often valuable to quietly (and confidentially) collaborate with friends, colleagues or the Emergency Services Agency where your nominee is a member or appointed.  This could allow you to gather additional information to strengthen your submission. However, as with most of these types of awards, the nominee should not be made aware of the nomination.

Questions/Issue Relating to Your Submission
Should you encounter any problems when completing your submission online, please contact the SESCA Chair - Phil Presgrave – email or phone 0407 625 855


  1. Please complete all sections in the Nomination Form, adding space as necessary.

  2.  In the Nomination Form, for the question 'State or Territory', please select 'Shoalhaven'

  3. NOTE: Section 4 is the key section that supports your nomination.

  4. Emergency services include other first response agencies eg Red Cross, ADF; and Police

  5. If in doubt, contact the SESCA Chair - Phil Presgrave – email or phone 0407 625 855– for  answers to your questions.
Nomination Form

Nominations must be submitted online via

If you are unable to do the online nomination, please email – SESCA Chair - Phil Presgrave – email or phone 0407 625 855 to receive an emailed "Word" version; and
Then send your nomination via email back to Phil OR print the form and mail to – SESCA Nomination, Rotary Nowra, PO Box 226,  NOWRA NSW 2541

Nominations for 2024 are CLOSED

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